What do you really want?

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What do you want? Don’t worry, it’s a trick question. I mean really, really want? Aside from ziga zig ha. When you ask yourself this, the answer will be layered. What’s virtually certain... READ MORE

Hunting dragons

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There are two basic ways you can face your demons. One is: “I sure hope I don’t run into any resistance as I’m trying to get the important thing done.” The other, much... READ MORE

Humans in space and the founder effect

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Humanity will probably not remain a single species in the future. There’s a thing called the founder effect, which “…occurs when a small group of migrants that is not genetically representative of the ancestral... READ MORE

Fragments from Sumerian wisdom texts

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It’s simultaneously amazing, humbling and endlessly entertaining to read humanity’s oldest known writings. You feel a deep kinship with all of civilization, and people thousands of years ago, and get the sense that if... READ MORE

Collectivism doesn’t exist

It’s amazing for people to work together and help each other. But “collectivism” is something else, typically a sneaky euphemism for the personal interests of a powerful few. Usually, fuzzy phrases such as “bigger society”, “community”, “solidarity” and “public interest” are … Continued

Mental Hygiene 101

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Regular readers have recently been subjected to a series of articles on economics, ethics and generally abstract subjects, so I feel like I should bribe you guys with another piece of practical advice (given this is what most people are coming … Continued

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