Spartan wealth

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One of the surprising benefits of making respectable money is you stop lusting for a lot of the frivolous junk you thought would make you happy when you were not yet wealthy. Unless... READ MORE

What is wisdom?

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Let’s talk about wisdom, what it is and how it relates to intelligence. It’s in the title of the website, people use the word all the time, and yet, there seems to be no good definition.... READ MORE

Your date with destiny

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People often suffer from the notion that they should wait for their lives to begin instead of living them – that something will – eventually – happen, the stars will align, and their... READ MORE

2017 reading list

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By popular demand, and like last year, a list of recommended books follows, keeping with the format of one book per month. Realistically, not everyone will be interested in every single book, so... READ MORE

The self-driving future

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When was the last time you rode a horse to the grocery store? Yeah, me neither. Point is, nobody in the future is going to drive. By “nobody”, I mean a few eccentric... READ MORE

Mental Hygiene 101

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Regular readers have recently been subjected to a series of articles on economics, ethics and generally abstract subjects, so I feel like I should bribe you guys with another piece of practical advice (given this is what most people are coming … Continued

Work-life balance

When people can’t find a good answer to an important question, it is usually the case that they’re not asking the right question. Obviously, that doesn’t apply to scientifically hard objective problems like nuclear fusion, room temperature superconductors and faster than … Continued

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