I should do book reading livestreams

You know how teenagers make billions of dollars live-streaming building roller-coasters in Minecraft?

This gave me an idea. Live streaming, but with reading and commenting on books. 

What think y’all?

There’s one potential issue (besides the astronomical odds of the whole world deciding to watch Minecraft or Outdoor Anal Fisting Adventures 14 instead): copyright. Reading a whole book aloud with running commentary is probably illegal. 


  1. Persuade copyright owners to let me do it (surejan.gif)
  2.  Only do the highlights. This would bring the length down to minutes or tens of minutes, rather than tens of hours, which just feels cruel and selfish, and also people wouldn’t be able to use it as a bedtime story or background sound when doing something else.
  3.  Read classics that are in the public domain.

Options two and three sound good.

I should get neon headphones and a hoodie and shutter sunglasses and vape (better: a vape pipe), and be a millenial stereotype and have oonch oonch music gently oonching along in the background and then just read the Instructions of Shurrupak.

Omg that’s my niche. 

P.S. A friend suggested a twist: Live streaming reading a book, but just me sitting in an armchair silently for 18 hours leafing through the pages, only occassionally giggling or muttering “what a flawed argument”.

This could get huge in Japan…

Like the idea? Buy me a bourbon.