How to fix public institutions

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It is an obvious truism that public institutions have a tendency to bloat and meddling-creep: to always seek to increase their powers and control, never backing down voluntarily. Furthermore, whether on purpose or... READ MORE

The barren cow paradigm

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Whenever a highly lucrative business is offered for sale to the general public, you can be pretty sure there’s a gargantuan catch and the whole thing is likely to crap out, or at... READ MORE

Tracking yourself for fun and profit

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TLDR version: What you measure, you optimize. But there are important caveats. Two things happened in a day that triggered pattern recognition (no, not the looting and rioting in Charlotte):  A study reports... READ MORE

Of course you can outrun your fork!

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Some errors are so grave, it takes an expert to make them – and uncritical journalists and motivated reasoners to repeat them. For example, the soundbite that “You can’t outrun your fork”. You know, because... READ MORE

Should everyone learn programming?

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People in tech have been arguing whether programming is something that everyone should know at least a bit (pun not intended), or whether it should remain a highly specialized and exclusive (i.e. expensive) skill. There... READ MORE

Mental Hygiene 101

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Regular readers have recently been subjected to a series of articles on economics, ethics and generally abstract subjects, so I feel like I should bribe you guys with another piece of practical advice (given this is what most people are coming … Continued

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