2017 reading list

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By popular demand, and like last year, a list of recommended books follows, keeping with the format of one book per month. Realistically, not everyone will be interested in every single book, so... READ MORE

The self-driving future

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When was the last time you rode a horse to the grocery store? Yeah, me neither. Point is, nobody in the future is going to drive. By “nobody”, I mean a few eccentric... READ MORE

Sustainable corruption

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Let’s face it, there is pretty much only one problem in politics. Corruption. Now, I am not so naive as to consider it a completely solvable problem. But there are extremely harmful types,... READ MORE

Collectivism doesn’t exist

It’s amazing for people to work together and help each other. But “collectivism” is something else, typically a sneaky euphemism for the personal interests of a powerful few. Usually, fuzzy phrases such as “bigger society”, “community”, “solidarity” and “public interest” are … Continued

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